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A.C.A.D.V. 24-Hour Crisis Line 1.800.650.6522

Why is there a need?

Each year law enforcement agencies around the world respond to alarming incidents of domestic violence. The prevalence of family violence is even more alarming when one considers that experts estimate that only 25 percent of such cases are actually reported.

Victims often fail to report domestic violence because of love, fear, religious beliefs, threats to children, lack of money or resources, or simply not knowing that help is available. Most criminal and civil justice systems make it difficult for victims to seek help and unintentionally wear them down. Victims are often required to travel from location to location to seek services that are scattered through a community or region.

Victims also have to tell their story over and over again to officials representing agencies, such as, law enforcement, courts, legal aid, medical, transportation, housing, social services, mental health, rehabilitation, financial assistance, and many more.

The criminal justice system unintentionally makes it easy for victims to become frustrated and ultimately stop seeking help.

The Current System