Danger Assessment

Clients complete a Danger Assessment which can help them (designed for women)
evaluate the degree of danger they face.

The Danger Assessment helps to determine the level of danger an abused woman has of being killed by her intimate partner. Nearly three women are killed everyday in the U.S. by a current or former romantic partner. Lethality increases the moment a women says she is leaving.

Danger Assessment Calendar

Part 1

The assessment begins by giving a woman a calendar. She is asked to mark the days when physically abusive incidents occurred, ranking each incident’s severity on a scale between one and five. This exercise can heighten the woman’s awareness of her situation and reduce denial and minimization of the abuse.

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Danger Assessment Questionnaire

Part 2

The second part of the assessment asks the woman 20 questions designed to identify danger within the relationship. Each question addresses a specific behavior that is a significant predictor to intimate partner homicide. The list includes questions such as “Does he own a gun?” “Is he an alcoholic or problem drinker?” and “Does he threaten to harm your children?”

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Is there a Danger Assessment designed for male victims?

No one yet (2021) has created a validated risk assessment instrument (to predict risk of lethal force) for male victims or victims in a same-sex relationship.

The Danger Assessment study found that women who were threatened or assaulted with a gun were 20 times more likely than other women to be murdered.

Women whose partners threatened them with murder were 15 times more likely than other women to be killed.