Victim Compensation

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Crime Victim Compensation

Every client visiting ONE PLACE is informed of the Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission and its mission.

Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission's mission is to provide timely and efficient assistance to innocent victims of violent crime in a confidential manner.  

ONE PLACE Family Justice Center helps victims by providing awareness of the Commission's mission.

What expenses are covered?

The Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission provides the only substantial financial compensation to innocent victims of criminally injurious conduct for expenses for personal injuries including medical, funeral and counseling bills. Awards may cover the following:

  • medical care;

  • psychiatric care;

  • work loss due to the crime;

  • funeral expenses;

  • rehabilitation of the victim, and more.

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Informed - Directed - Assisted
Who can apply?

Any person who is an innocent victim of criminally injurious conduct and who has sustained personal injuries as a result, or the next-of-kin of a victim who died as a result of criminally injurious conduct.

What other requirements must be met?

  • Crime was reported to law enforcement within 72-hours, unless good cause can be shown;

  • Claim is filed within 1-year of the date of the incident, unless good cause can be show;

  • Victim suffered serious personal injury or death as a result of a criminal act;

  • Victim cooperated with law enforcement officials, prosecutor's, courts and the Commission;

  • Victim was not engaged in illegal activity at the time of the incident; and more..