Reproductive Coercion

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Reproductive coercion

Reproductive coercion is a form of power and control where one partner strips the other of the ability to control their own reproductive system. It is sometimes difficult to identify this coercion because other forms of abuse are often occurring simultaneously.

Form of Reproductive coercion

  • Refusing to use a condom or other type of birth control

  • Breaking or removing a condom during intercourse

  • Lying about their methods of birth control (ex. having a vasectomy, being on the pill)

  • Forcing you to not use any birth control (ex. the pill, condom, shot, ring, etc.)

  • Removing birth control methods (ex. rings, IUDs, contraceptive patches)

  • Sabotaging birth control methods (ex. holes in condoms, tampering/destroying pills)

  • Withholding finances needed to purchase birth control

  • Monitoring your menstrual cycles

  • Forcing pregnancy and not supporting when or if you want to have a child

  • Forcing you to get an abortion, or preventing you from getting one

  • Threatening if don’t comply with their wishes to either end or continue a pregnancy

  • Continually keeping you pregnant (getting you pregnant again shortly after you give birth)

Reproductive coercion can also come in the form of pressure, guilt and shame from an abusive partner. Some examples are if your abusive partner is constantly talking about having children or making you feel guilty for not having or wanting children with them — especially if you already have kids with someone else.

If you need help

Visit One Place Family Justice Center at 530 S. Lawrence Street, Montgomery, Alabama or call 334.262.7378 or if you are in immediate danger Call 911.

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